Sad Today

Today, I learned that a beloved teacher at my kids' school passed away after a long battle against cancer. We are a sad family today, and our community is suffering a great loss.

We have been close to death too many times in the past few weeks: my mother and father will have been to four funerals by this coming Sunday.

My nine year old asked me this morning: "Is it dying season?"

No more than usual, my son. We just seem to be in the midst right now. There is much to learn from this sadness and loss, starting with patience for those we love.

I am awash.

* * *


Kerri said…
We were very blessed to have had MJ for her last year of teaching. I'm sure S & H will always remember 5th grade fondly and forever. We have heavy hearts over here, too. She was such a great person but they must have needed her more in Heaven. I know her husband, James, welcomed her with a large embrace.
nicole said…
peace be with you.

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