7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 10

1. I do believe I now have confirmation that Western Civilization is in a downward spiral. I just saw a commercial for a product called Booty Pop. It's like a padded bra, but for your backside. It promises the wearer more confidence. There are just too many things wrong with Booty Pop to even begin to name. Not that I couldn't use a little confidence myself, but geez, I would really like to find it somewhere besides a two-for-one, $19.95 cable TV advertisement. Somehow, I can't quite believe that the Booty Pop company really has my best interests at heart.

* * *

2. I watch a scootch too much late night television.

* * *

3. I left my house at 11:30 am today, two young girls in tow. Here's what happened next: I went to the gas station to fill up so that I wouldn't run out of gas. Then I drove 25 minutes away to pick up Child #1 at soccer camp. Camp got out 25 minutes late. Drove 35 minutes back in traffic to pick up Child #2 and Child #3 at art camp. Stopped at home briefly, long enough to create an invoice for a client and to send it to her via email. Then I drove over to where Rick was working, to unload the oldest for a little father-son bonding time, and to pick up some paperwork from him from another client. Next I took Children 2 through 5 to get some lunch; they behaved remarkably well, which was a relief because the past few times I've had them out I ended up feeling like a clown show on parade. I loaded everyone back in the Torture Chamber that is my van, and drove another 30 minutes out to a client's house to pick up check. This meant we were deliciously close to a wonderful old-fashioned candy store, so of course, I stopped to pick up some bribes salt water taffy for the kids. Up the hill to pick up the check. Down the hill back in the direction of home. Out to a friend's house to drop Child #2 off, so he could go to a BBQ at the beach. Next was a stop at the bank. Next was a stop at a copy place, to drop off the newsletter I do each month for printing. I arrived home a few minutes ago at 4:45. I'll be here long enough for Child #3 to pack her overnight bag, so I can head back out in a few minutes. Before dropping her off at her soccer teammate's house, I'll pick up the completed newsletter. After dropping her off, I'll stop at the grocery store to buy stuff to make a bumblebee cake for my dear friend's housewarming party tomorrow and stuff to make a coffee cake to drop off at the girls' sleepover tomorrow morning. Later, I'll finish up the newsletter mailing so I can get it in the mail tomorrow.

That's how I roll.

* * *

4. My daughter told me today that she was the "popular-est" girl in her school. I told her that must be because she is such a warm and wonderful person. She said: "I know! There's just something about me! Everyone likes me!" While Western Civilization may be on the decline, Lady E is on the upswing. A few minutes later, she was counting all the girls at her school who like her. She systematically went through each class, from K to 8, and counted 'em up.

Can you imagine spending time counting up the people who think you are a fabulous, rockin' rock star? What a happy way to live! So much more affirming than worrying about who you pissed off today or who thinks you're a nut job or who thinks your kids are wild savages. For example, I mean.

* * *

5. Recommended reading this week: Atul Gawande's feature in August 2, 2010 New Yorker magazine, called Letting Go: What should medicine do when it can't save your life? Beautiful and thought-provoking.

* * *

6. I have ridden our exercise bicycle five days in row. I am holding my breath. I am not making any grand plans. I have made no promises to myself. I am just pleased as punch I've managed it this far. One. Day. At. A. Time.

* * *

7. Oh, and did I mention? I'm planning to homeschool my kids this Fall. Yup! Took 'em out of school and am diving in. Yee-haw!

Of course, much more on this in future posts. But I just thought I'd throw that one out there.

* * *

Go visit Conversion Diary, from whence 7 Quick Takes Fridays sprung forth.

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Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks for sharing the New Yorker article...powerful stuff!

Amy said…
Your first one made me tired. :)

Best wishes with the home schooling!

My "7" are posted HERE if you'd like to stop by.  :)
Homemaker Man said…
Home schooling. Can I ask you how you came to that decision? I'm professionally curious . . .

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