This is Beepin' Awesome

Car trip dialogue overheard today:

Lady E: Well, I can't say that word, Tallulah! It's just the d-word.

Little T: But what is the d-word?

Lady E: I can't say it! Mom hasn't had The Talk with me yet, and dad hasn't had The Talk with me either, so I can't use words like that.

Me, interjecting from the front seat: What word is that, honey?

Lady E: Do I say it? Or spell it?

Me: Go ahead and spell it.

Lady E:

Me: Go ahead and say it.

Lady E: Dangit! I can't say that yet, because you haven't had The Talk with me yet.

* * *

Lady E: There are a lot of letter words I don't say, but the one I won't even spell is the b-word. I just won't even say that or spell it. And there's the f-word. That one is bad. But I don't actually know what it is.


Mom, is the f-word the one where you're talking and then you stop talking and then you say BEEEEEEEEP and then you keep talking? Mom? What are you laughing about, Mom?

* * *

We've had many interesting conversations around here lately about language. It's been beepin' awesome.

* * *


That's hysterical! I'm sure you'll be very happy that you wrote that little conversation down. For the sake of posterity, of course...

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