7 Quick Takes: Volume 21, The What Was I Thinking Edition

Gimme a F, gimme a R, gimme a I and a DAY! As long as it comes with a glass of wine, I'll take it.

Please visit Jen at Conversion Diary for the original 7 Quick Takes and links to other people playing along.

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JoAnna said…
I'll see you "we're hosting Christmas this year" and raise you one "and we're going to Disneyland the week of Christmas, so I'll only have two days to get ready."

Teacher Mommy said…
I am too. Except I'm looking forward to it, so that might make me "insane" rather than "crazy."
Kerri said…
after 12 years of hosting 40+ people in my home for the Christmas dinner....I tried to book a trip out of the country this year but Bill wouldn't let me. But he did agree to not host this year and not one of those 40+ people invited us to their holiday dinner. So I will cherish sitting my PJs on Christmas day until 3pm, with my children, let the clutter of wrapping paper and new gifts destroy my living room and enjoy a delicious meal prepared lovingly by my wonderful cook of a husband and truly know that I am blessed to have a home, a family and great friends.
Stitchwort said…

I think you should get a prize for the quickest Quick Takes ever!

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