I Finally Figured Out This Parenting Thing

On good days, parenting is one of the most amazing, collaborative, relational, life-transforming acts a person can do.

On bad days, parenting is basically one miserable battle between the parent's sanity and the offspring's self-esteem.  Both cannot win.  One goes down in defeat while the other rises from the dust and struggle.

Guess which kind of day I'm having?  I'll give you a hint: the highlight of my day was listening to the phppt! of the Racer 5 cap as it was released from its bottle.

Oh, I've had the other kind of day, too.  Why else would all five of them still be alive?

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Yeah. Um. My husband and I actually agreed we owe our kids an apology for how we've been treating them lately....that's when you know you've Messed Up.

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