Three Items

I can't believe it's already Thursday the 7th! It's a good thing I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo this month: it would have been an epic fail if I had.

So today, I have three items for everyone. First, check out KIDS BOWL FREE. I just signed up all my kids for free bowling coupons for the entire summer -- through October, as a matter of fact. We could go bowling for free every day if we wanted to. That's a lot of funky shoes and stale air right there! My kids are going to looooooooooove this. Go ahead, sign up. It's really free. We start today.

Second, a command. You MUST find a way to listen to This American Life's episode entitled Act V. It just might change your life. You can listen to it here (it's 1 hour long), or download the MP3 from TAL's website.

And third, a shout out to Mama Mama Quite Contrary, whose response to my last 7 Quick Takes made me laugh out loud. Here's what she said in response to my wondering why I feel antipathy towards amusement parks:
Sister, you are speaking my language about amusement parks. I HATE them. They are expensive, manufactured fun and if I wanted to hang out in a crowd full of sweaty people, I'd just climb into bed with my kids.

Yay Mama Mama!

* * *

That's it. That's all I got today. Too busy driving people around in order to achieve the Best. Summer. Ever.

* * *


bleu said…
We joined kids bowl free about a month ago... I keep getting tons of emails, but we haven't got there yet. I love anything kids and free! LOL
Hey, I am almost famous!!

You, my lady, are responsible for getting me addicted to The New Yorker news quiz. We might be kindred spirits you know....

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