7 Quick Takes: Volume 14, The Crazy Saturday Edition

Welcome to Friday everyone! We made it, more or less, itchy, irritated skin and all. Please visit the birthplace of 7 Quick Takes.

My quick takes for today come from my calendar. As it happens, tomorrow's docket contains 7 bright, shiny items. I've just spent the last 20 minutes staring at those seven items, pondering how it's all going to happen. 7 arrival times. 7 little deadlines. 7 chances to get it right. 7 chances to crash and burn.

The real question is not will everyone get where they need to be. The real question is: Will Rick and I still be speaking to each other by the time everyone rests their heads on their pillows? Leave your best guess in the comments.

~ 1 ~

8:30: Son #2's soccer game; arrive at 7:45. This week is our family's snack duty. Oh, joy.

~ 2 ~

9:00: Daughter #2's soccer game. Cutest thing on a pitch. Plus, she's got a cracker of a kick.

~ 3 ~

10:55: Son #2's soccer picture day appointment. I still need to find and complete the order form. Or not. Don't get me started on picture day. It will unleash my natural cynicism.

~ 4 ~

Noon: Daughter #2's soccer picture day appointment. OK, I can't hold back anymore. Picture day is a racket. Buddy pictures, buttons, calendars, every conceivable items the kids can beg me to purchase...yet another opportunity for them to let me know how mean and horrible I am when I say no we are not going to buy a mouse pad with their cute little faces on it...and yet another envelope of photos to be stuffed in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.

~ 5 ~

2:30: Son #1's soccer game. Arrive at 1:30.

~ 6 ~

3:00: Get Son #2 to a birthday party. Pick up at 6pm. (Still need to get a gift.)

~ 7 ~

5:oo: Son #1 is the Altar Server for the 5pm Mass. Drag the exhausted family along and hope they don't disturb the folks who attend the 5pm Mass so they can avoid all those little kids who usually go to the 9am Sunday Mass.

* * *

Seven chances for greatness: bring it on.

* * *


nicole said…
i will pray for you.
Kerri said…
sounds like a nice typical Saturday at the Alatorres....see you on the field.
By the way, our team ditched the photo day the last few years and a brave dad took a team photo before a game and sells them for a $1.50. I know the girls are too young and still revel in the photo op..but make a suggestion next year. I, too, have a drawer full of photos that never seem to get passed to family, unless they come over with sisscors and cut them out themselves. Which they have been known to do..seriously! With the ones we get but can send back, which I couldn't, because my dear old aunt in law took the sisscors to them the day they came home from the school. Nice.
Laurel said…
For all picture days (school & soccer), I purchase the cheapest available (don't care what size it is). Then I scan them, email them to family and upload to facebook. I also then have them available to do a scrapbook page (when I get around to it in my retirement). Still usually is about $10 a pop but if I want a mousepad later I can then choose to purchase (at a far discounted rate).
Kerri said…
I think you need to figure out a way to harness a wagon (jogging stoller?) on the new family pet and send her off with child or two to their functions. Then you would be killing 2 birds with one stone, the dog gets walked and the kids get to their respectable places. Just a thought....lol.

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