A Sure Fire Way to Annoy Your Kids, Courtesy of My Father

When I was a kid, whenever I or my sister or brother had the hiccups, we would kvetch* vehemently, as if someone could actually do something about them. "I have the hiccups!" I would exclaim. And my dad would say: "Well, don't tell anybody, or everyone one will want some."


Try this with your kids. I have found that it works quite well for many things. Just this morning, I employed this strategy twice:

Mom! I have a snotty nose!
Well, don't tell anybody, or everyone will want a snotty nose.

Mom! Bird poop on my window!
Well, don't tell anybody, or everyone will want some bird poop.

Every time I do this, the kids growl in disgust and hurl vitriole at my dad: "Thanks a lot, Poppa!"

I get a little giggle each time, the kids give up on me in indignation, and I don't have to respond to every little complaint. Like I said: magic.

Thanks Poppa!

* * *

*Spelling has been corrected from original post. See comments. Thanks HM.


Homemaker Man said…
OMG. I love your blog and reading about you and your family and you I hope you know I consider you a bloggy friend but . . . it's KVetch! Kvetch. One e.


And I am looking forward to trying this method on my own screechy brood.
Monica said…
LOL...sorry about the spelling! Looking at "kevetch" after reading your comment, I had a forehead smack moment. I think I knew the right spelling...but I was rushing to post before picking up my kids from Carpentry class and trying to finish my Peets latte at the same time. Yes, I did spend almost $4 on a cup of coffee today. I am appalled. But it was soooooooo good.

Anyway, thanks for the spelling lesson! :)

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