Starting Off With a Bang. Or a Bite.

At the cute little preschool Open House yesterday, we were enjoying a little milk and banana bread, and mingling politely with all the other parents and tots. My own little tot was dashing around checking out the toys, staking claim to the playhouse and generally having a fabulous time.

My 10 year old son and I were sitting at a table with two other moms, neither of whom I have met. To my son, I said: "Well, what do you think? You think she's going to like it here?"

Of his little sister, my son remarked, loud enough to share his observation with those at our table as well as a few more: "I think she's going to get kicked out for biting."

Great. She's got a rep and she hasn't even started her first day yet.

I guess I should be prepared for mothers to protectively guide their young ones away from that curly-haired, wild-eyed little sprite with the funny name.

* * *

Today is the day. Her first five hours of school. Yee-haw!

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…

Okay. The Widget actually DID get kicked out for biting. When he wasn't even two.


Of course, we then found a place that's even better and which helped get him out of that bad habit...

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