Kids Spoil Everything

Driving down the freeway on a recent warm day, Little T asked me to turn on the cool air. I wasn't sure I heard her correctly, given her creative use of the English language. Her brother confirmed: "You heard her right, mom. That's how she says it. She says cool-ition-air when she wants the air conditioner on."

I thought that was fantastic. I only got to enjoy it for a day, because her siblings repeated it so many times, with such extreme hilarity, that by the next day she was saying air conditioner.

During the same car trip, she was telling us a story with multiple parts. Each part started with "First of all..." Again, it was hilarious. I wish I could have let her go with that until she figured it out for herself.

"First of all, I yiked my preschoo day.
And first of all, we had gwoup time.
And first of all, we sang songs.
And first of all, we had snack."

Alas, it was not to be. Four crazed siblings, repeating first of all as if it were a line from a Robin Williams movie, pretty much put her off of that habit right quick. She has already moved on to first of all, second of all, third of all...


My oldest got to say heck-top when he'd see a helicopter.

My next one got to say resev-water every time we passed the local reservoir.

They both said fucky-pot for hockey puck.

No one corrected them.

I might have to have another kid. You know, because it's more fun to turn on the coolitionair, instead of the air conditioner, when it gets too hot.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
I am now dealing with the influence of a hero-worshiped big "brother" on DramaBoy. Fortunately The Padawan is awesome and a Good Kid. But last night DramaBoy took a 180 on the topic of whether or not he likes the Backyardigans, simply because The Padawan said it's a silly show.


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