09 January 2010

I Can't Believe I Fell for This

No, not a "Dear Sir or Madam" email from a Nigerian who politely seeks my assistance.

Here's what I fell for: "Hey mom, say the initials of International House of Pancakes, and then say 'ness.'"

Much hilarity ensued.

Gotcha, mom.

* * *


Bridget said...

Now that's just funny.

Jen said...

HA! I didn't get it until I said it in my head a handful of times.

nicole said...

is it sad i had to say out out loud several times to get it. sad very sad. funny. is life ever dull over there at your house??/

alyssa said...

hahaha oh my this is too funny! I fell for it too! those kids are too much :)