Pioneers and Einsteins

Last night, we got home after 7pm from baseball practice. The house is still a disaster after being neglected for over a week while I worked on a deadline. There seemed to be no food in the house. Rick and I were sitting on the couch, exhausted, and I was feeling daunted by the prospect of feeding everyone.

However, that independence I have worked so hard to instill in my children is paying off! I dragged myself off the couch to hunt for dinner and discovered that my 2-year old had taken matters into her own hands. She had located the powdered sugar shaker and was licking the top. Dinner is served! One down, four to go.

I handed over one bottle of syrup, one bottle of ketchup, a jar of cherries, and the cinnamon sugar shaker and called it a meal.

* * *

And as I sit here typing and contemplating my lack of dinner skills, I look down and see my son's homework on the table. Math. After solving the math problem, the student is supposed to answer the question: "Is your answer reasonable? Why or why not?"

My Einstein's response: "It is reasonable because it is the answer."

Can't argue with that logic!


Viv said…
I'm still drying tears from my're trying to make me feel better about my stove, aren't you? I'm willing to bet mine would have been elated with the spread at your house.
KaraB said…
My daughter had Cheerios for dinner last night. Cheerios that had fallen on the floor about a week ago that I hadn't picked up. Bon appetit.

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