Little ole me? Awww, thanks! Viv has bestowed upon me a blog award -- my first -- and I am quite honored by her gesture.

Thank you Viv, for your kind words! Folks, please visit Viv's blog. She's got five kids, another on the way, and lots of great things to say about motherhood. I like her blog because it's very real, very honest, which I think gives other moms permission to be honest about their experiences too. Go Viv!

OK, as a recipient of this award, I am charged with sharing 7 things I love and 7 blogs I follow. Herewith:

I love:

1. The sound of rain on the roof. This is my favorite sound, except maybe for the sound of my children laughing. It reminds me of being a kid, and feeling safe inside a warm house while nature beat the hell out the world outside. I still feel that way when I listen to a storm.

2. The Beatles. One of my proudest accomplishments as a mom is that my kids know The Beatles. They know who is whom, they can sing along with the tunes, they show proper rock/pop respect. The boys even have a "favorite" Beatle. But then again, doesn't everyone?

3. Swimming laps. I have two herniated disks in my lower back, which most of the time do not bother me. But I do have flare ups and I cannot do most types of exercise, like running which I used to love, because the impact is too hard on my back. I got into swimming laps because of my back, and found that I absolutely loved being in the water, and I loved the rhythmic repetition of lap after lap after lap. I've never been in better shape than when I was swimming regularly. Sadly, it's been awhile, something I hope to change soon.

4. Paella. Food of the gods. Delightful. Especially when Rick makes it. (Doesn't food always taste better when someone else cooks?)

5. Ireland. Everything about it: the music, the land, the people, the beer, the literature, the history. Rick and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon, which was a stretch at the time, but I'm so glad we did, because now we're so broke we'll be lucky if we get to go anywhere else in our entire lives.

6. My husband and my children. They are my entire world, so I can't leave them out. Corny as it sounds, they teach me everything I need to know, make me laugh, and make me breathtakingly grateful for my life. How did I get to be so lucky?

7. Sleeping. At least, I remember once that I really liked sleeping, and I bet that if I ever get to sleep again, I will love it once more. I used to be the Queen of Naps. I aspire to reclaim this title one day. First, I must cross off one item on my never-ending, ever-growing to do list: Raise the kids.

And here are seven blogs that are in my Google Reader and that I just adore:

1. Momofali: First, she's a great writer and can spin a story like a master. Second, she's got some great source material: her kids supply her with endless stories to tell!

2. Breed Em and Weep: First, I like the poker reference in her blog name because mine's got one too. But second, and far more importantly, she is an absolutely amazing writer. Eloquent, insightful, brave...beautiful. If you haven't read her post about writing/blogging, DO SO RIGHT NOW.

3. Deliajude: She may be the only blogger whom I actually know in real life, AND she is the inspiration behind my own foray into blogging. She is artistic, creative and lovely. And I think someday her photography is going to make her famous. Or should.

4. I Am Prepared to Give Up At Any Time: One funny guy. Totally refreshing for me, absorbed as I am in mommy blogs (which of course I love).

5. Mom2My6Pack. This is Dawn Meehan, of pokemon card ebay auction fame. She's been fun to follow through the past couple of years. She got a book deal out of this whole shebang, too, which is tres cool.

6. Diagnosis:Urine. I love this blog. Bunch o' kids, really funny and honest, and she writes about a great wide range of topics. I know she already got this award recently, but she's definitely one I read all the time, so I'm listing her anyway. She rocks.

7. Secret Agent Josephine. Creative gal, adorable daughter, great stories...a true chronicle of life, and compelling even though I can't really say why. I just like it. She's cool. Check her out.

That's what I got: enjoy!

* * *


Momo Fali said…
You're a doll! Thanks! I just got home from work and have a busy, overwhelming afternoon ahead and feel all drained and tired already. I needed that pick-me-up!

I would sit in a corner and cry if I couldn't run anymore. Good for you for finding something else you enjoy.
Kerri said…
i love hearing the sound of your kids' laughter, too, especially through the aisles of Safeway! congrats on the recognition!
Karen said…
Congrats - I remember you, Nap Queen! It's great to read your things and still feel like I know you, even though we aren't roomies anymore.
Anonymous said…
Congrats Award Winner!

Good thing wardrobe and make-up are in place!

Viv said…
See what I mean about you being really special? I wanted to tell you how super I think you are, and you made me feel like a million bucks;)

Read your comment over at Jen's blog. Your bad day sounded pretty darn normal to me. Except of course I have a ban on items small enough to choke on, and markers, and glue, and paints, guns, dry erase this list is getting quite long.
Mike said…
Thanks for the link and the kind words. I think I'm blushing.
Jen said…
Thank you! I love your blog too.
Anonymous said…
Hooray for Miranda Sanchez!

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