Pay Attention to the Signs

Some signs that you have been neglecting yourself:

A. Your husband, noticing that your hair smells good, says: "Did you wash your hair? Wow, I haven't smelled that smell in awhile!"

B. Your friend gives you some make up because she "accidentally" bought the wrong shade and thought you might be able to use it instead. She is right.

C. Another friend gives you three really nice blouses and a lovely dress jacket that she doesn't wear anymore, and acts like you are doing her a favor by taking them (bless her).

D. Your 6-year old girly-girl asks why you never wear skirts or dresses. Your 4-year old girly-girl chimes in with: "Yeah, why not mom?"

E. You sleep in your jeans because you're too damn tired to walk down to the dryer and get the nice clean jammies.

And the biggest sign that you've been neglecting yourself is that you can come up with way too many signs that you've been neglecting yourself.

I've had a lot on my plate the past several years, but that's not going to change in the next several, and I don't want to be a frumpy, unkempt mom anymore.

It's time to ignore the children: I must get in touch with my girly side once more. Someone send me something pink, fast!

* * *


Viv said…
Oh no! You mean that there is something wrong with sleeping in my jeans? But, then I'm already dressed in case the kids miss the bus in the morning.

None of my clothes fit now. So, I am wearing tee shirts over my *single pair* of maternity shorts. I have not been paying much attention to my wardrobe until I realized that I was getting a variety of dirty looks at the E.R. on Friday. It appears that from my bartending days I have many...m-a-n-y...tees that advertise various past employers and alternately liquors and beers. It is obviously bad form to advertise Southern Comfort and Lime while pregnant. In my defense, it was a clean tee shirt.

It made me wonder how many times I've worn Stella shirts to my kids' school or advertised a rum bar at a PTA meeting.

Scary stuff. Now I have your post giving me further reason to ponder my current state of slobbiness. *sigh* I might just want to start paying attention too...I have at least another 18 years of Mommy*hood* in store. Otherwise by the time I can devote myself to fashion, it will be socially acceptable for me to wear elastic waist polyester pants in garish primary colors.
Jen said…
I am all over sleeping in my jeans. Or, wearing my pajamas all day and into the next evening. I'm conserving both energy and water this way.

Also, I will sometimes look in the mirror while preventing a child from drowning in the bathrub, and I'll notice how freaking hairy I am with my unibrow, femoustache, and bushy nostrils. Gross. But when do I have time to de-hair myself? I try to do it while the children bathe but sometimes I get halfway done and have one lady eyebrow and one burly man eyebrow.

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