Twenty-Five Minus Twenty

I have been tagged by a few of my friends, three to be exact (Gabriele, Laura, and Carolyn) on Facebook to do the 25 Random Things About Me dealie-bop.

I can only think of one. So here it is:

When I was a child, instead of a toy box, I had an elephant's foot. A real, African elephant's foot, hollowed and dried, and about 3 feet high. Or so. My sister and I kept our toys in it. My dad spent some time in Africa, and came home with this thing, and we kept our toys in it. Now, when my kids say "Mom, have you seen my [fill in the blank] toy?" I usually respond with "Have you looked in the elephant's foot?"

When I was a child, I was not aware that keeping one's toys in an elephant's foot was not commonplace.

OK, so that was one thing. For the purposes of this post, I will come up with four more, and call it Five Random Things About Me.

2. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.
3. I don't care that Michael Phelps was caught with a bong.
4. I was born with one ear folded over.
5. My most embarassing moment was tripping and falling on stage while in a college production of You Can't Take It With You. My merciful cast members covered it rather well, but this particular performance was for the student body the embarassment quotient was high.

And a Bonus #6: Bushmill's makes me a better mommy. At least tonight it does.

There ya' go. If I get more ideas, maybe I'll do the whole 25 things. I just don't think I'm 25-things interesting.



nicole said…
An elephant's foot! Wow! i think that explains a lot of things!!
kl said…
come on, Monica...25 things is actually quite fun...once I got to #8, I couldn't stop and still think of things weeks later I should've added.

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