I Like People, It's Humanity I Can't Stand

My son asked me today why hip hop artists and rap singers wear big fat crosses if they sing about bad stuff like drugs and killing and other bad things.

An excellent question, offspring.

So I turned it back on him. I pay attention to parenting "experts." "Why do you think they do that?"

He thought it was because they just want to look good. A good answer, and probably fairly accurate. I gave him two more.

First, because every single person on earth has both good impulses and bad ones, and a person can have both good and bad qualities, ideas, actions, etc.

And second, because they're idiots. He nodded knowingly, with a slight smile, at that answer. He's heard it before, I think.

Nuff said.

I was quite proud of the question itself, though. Thoughtful boy, that one.


GabrieleBriggs said…
Which son would that be, who is so pensive?

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