I'll See Your Stubborn and Raise You A Little T

Two sisters were wrestling on the couch, and the fun was getting out of control.  I told them multiple times to stop.  They ignored me.  I warned them that one of them was going to get hurt.  They ignored me.

WHAM!  The 5 year old slammed her head hard against the couch frame, and looked at me with equal parts fury, panic, sheepishness, and pain.

My mistake: My immediate reaction was not one of sympathy but of annoyance.  "Didn't I JUST tell you that you were going to get hurt?  Didn't I JUST SAY TO STOP???"  Within about 5 seconds, I was feeling bad for her throbbing head and trying to coax her into my arms for a little love.  She was having none of that.

She spent the next 10 minutes sobbing in a heap on the couch, holding her head, and screaming: "I MEANT TO DO THAT!  I MEANT TO DO THAT!"


* * *


Sandy said…
Of course she did! and you're just clairvoyant...lol.

T always makes me smile. My J, who is 35, still does...and is still that stubborn!
nicole said…
is it okay that a chuckle escaped out of me. one time my sister said to my mom, in tears, "i stubbed my toe on nicky's leg". kinda the same thing!

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