Today's Task

Note to self: Figure out a way to celebrate Tallulah's birthday instead of marking the end of the two hardest years of my life. They are one and the same, so this is no easy task.

She is not helping, having hurled herself into the terrible twos with a ferocity I can only liken to sheer madness. I am a seasoned mom, with four other kids, but the tantrums this one orchestrates, complete with Sybil-like outrage, leave me completely flummoxed. Getting her in her car seat these days leaves me shaking, sweaty, exhausted and yes, even bloody. She scratches my hands like she wants to rip them off of my wrists while I am trying to fasten her buckles. She pulls my hair so hard that my eyes water and I have to muster great self-control not to scream (at least when we are in public). She bites. Hard. Often.

Of course, at daycare, she's an angel, so she saves her vitriolic venom for me, I guess.

And I'm supposed to make a birthday cake for this little piece of work?????


Sandy said…
OMG, I feel your I actually took away my youngest one's birthday when she was 3, turning into 4. My little one was the most stubborn, infuriating, obstinate willful child I had ever met. If I told her not to do something, she would stare, smile and then do it. Never in front of the world, of course, just the select few of us who loved her the most.

The phrase that paid for me was "I'd rather you didn't...." This gave her the feeling of power and the chance to do what I wanted without losing fact. Of course, she is now a spoiled 31 year old.

So make the cake for yourself for having survived! and know that you will never be bored again.
Sandy said…
That should have been "losing face".
GabrieleBriggs said…
Congratulations, Monica, you survived! Celebrate!!
...and Happy Birthday, Tallulah! At least you'll both have a little break before the teen years ;-)

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