Summer Goofballs and Water Babies

They are growing so fast, I hardly recognize them.

We've had a lot of dance parties this summer. Not as much swimming as I thought we would do, but we did get to go to the pool today. Tallulah loved it:

Oh how I wish summer could last forever...and I'm not the only one in this house who feels that way. I saw school supplies on sale today and stifled the urge to scream and run the other direction. The horror, oh the horror!


Melissa said…
Why does Walmart put school supplies out in July. The side walk chalk goes on sale, and I want to cry. We went on a long morning walk, and I am going to miss those so much.
Anonymous said…
Those photos are crazy fun! Even though we homeschool during the summer, there is a certain feeling that is there during this season.
Erika said…
I'm so glad you came to the pool, what a great time, what a lot of sun. I love ice cream.

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