Seeking Inspiration

I am facing a long day in which I must get many loads of laundry done, find a place for many precious pieces of art that came home from art camp yesterday, pick up many items and find their homes, feed many picky eaters, and keep many people from spending the day whacking each other.

I feel like I am preparing for battle. Steeling my reserves. Shoring up my defenses. And getting ready for disappointment.

The basic conundrum: How do I get through the day and at the end of it, feel good about what I was able to get done and how I managed to mother my children all at the same time?

I will attempt to practice heroic levels of detachment, keep my chin up, keep my feet moving (except when I need to sit and have a glass of water), and let the little stuff drift away from me.

Life requires more optimism than is reasonable, don't you think?


Sandy said…
More optimism than is reasonable = faith.

Sorry this is late. Hope you made it through with your sanity more or less intact.
Monica said…
Sandy -- as I was thinking about this post during the day after I wrote it, I thought the very same thing. That's one of the lessons of parenting: how much faith is required simply to do the laundry and feed the hungry mouths. Faith, faith, and more faith. I did make it through, more or less OK, not quite with flying colors, but with some sanity left. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Well, I'm super late. I saw your plurk too late. Glad you made it through.

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