Sisyphus Had It Easy

What a wuss. One boulder. One boulder, folks. That's all he had to contend with. Ha! I should be so lucky!

One boulder vs:

• My laundry pile: THIS could put Sisyphus to shame all by itself. But wait, there's more.
• One toddler: ...who removes her shoes and her socks over and over and over and over. Add 3.5 minutes to any outing to (a) find where she threw them in the car and (b) put them back on while she giggles wildly. At least one of us is having fun.
• Three squares a day: I push food down their throats each and every day, only to wake up the next day needing to do it again.
• 50 fingernails and 50 toenails...I finish clipping the last of the 100 nails and it's time to start over. And that's not counting my own.
• The toilet paper roll: Makes me wonder if Sisyphys ever grumbled to himself: "Am I the only one in this family who even SEES that this boulder needs to go back up the hill? Am I the only one in this family whose LEGS aren't broken?"

Today's reflection brought to you by the RRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! sound I hear every morning on the way to school, or en route to whatever errand is at hand:


Momo Fali said…
Truly, moving boulders seems much easier than this parenting gig.
Sandy said…
Very cute shoes that she keeps removing, though!

So very funny and so very true. I don't think Sisyphus was married. His wife would have gotten that boulder over the hill just so she could give him a honey-do list.
Melissa said…
Before I had a kid, I was all about "accomplishment". Something you do once, and it is accomplished. Like publishing a newspaper or grading a stack of papers. I have a really hard time with the hamster wheel of chores that motherhood is. Wow! 100 toes nails! You should not put those into numbers way too scary.
nicole said…
Wow...that is a lot of toenails. YOu need a pedicure! My treat!

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