Questions of the Day

"Mom, how come your weiny feels so weird when you drive down a hill?"


"Mom, can you get expelled for saying all the curse words in alphabetical order in the talent show?"


Mom's answers:

"Well, sweetie, I'm a girl, so having never experienced that particular sensation, I can't really tell you the reason."

And this: "I don't think they'd approve that act in the first place!"


Momo Fali said…
Interesting physics! I've never heard that about going down a hill before!
Robinella said…
My hubs, being the ten year old he really is, made the mistake of saying, "oo, that tickled my penis", when we went up and over a small hill in the road. Unfortunately the hill is on the way to Grandmas. So now, everytime we go there, my oldest repeats that~ UGH!
Kelly said…
Well, I can't be certain about weinies and driving down a hill, but I can tell you that wearing jeans and going over a bump sometimes results in a brief but interesting sensation.

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