Author! Author!

Lola has written her first book. I asked the kids last week to draw pictures for my aunt, whose birthday is today. Because Carol likes cats, Lola decided to draw one for her. One drawing became two, became three, and then she added a...well...narrative might be stretching it a little, but a lovely little five-year-old story. Here it is:

The Little Cat, by Lola

It got sunny and the cat ate grass
and the cat was thirsty.

The cat went to drink milk and then it started to rain.

And the proud author.

Happy Birthday Carol!


Sandy said…
Happy Birthday, Carol and

Lola? Great book, honey. I loved it.
Robinella said…
No stretch! That was awesome.
nicole said…
she looks like you!!!
PS: tell Rick I have 19 of those terra cotta thingamajigs.

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