Musings of a 9 Year Old

I found a paper of Samuel's this morning; I thought it was a writing assignment from school, so I started to read it to figure out what it was. It was just lying on our dining room table, understand, so I didn't go looking for his private thoughts; but I found them anyway. It was a gift: a gift to get a little glimpse into Samuel's head and see the things that ping around in there. I'd like to share that gift with you, so here are the musings of a 9 year old:

"Why do I think it rains so often? I think the reason it rains so often is because God wants the plants to stay healthy. I also think it is because he wants to give us some indoor time together for example: playing family games together, and drinking hot chocolate. That's why I think it rains so often. I don't really like being the oldest. Sometimes everything is expected of me. Sometimes they are not expected fairly. I would like God to help me with that. Why do you think Gloucester is mean to Edmund? I think Gloucester doesn't really understand. Edmund is bothered by this, he writes a fake letter saying his legitimate brother Edgar is going to kill Gloucester. Why do I think he is being mean? Nay, I know not, but I do think Gloucester understands. And for that Edmund's people seized him and gouged out his eyes. He does not understand until then. Why do you think Gloucester was being mean? Read the play "King Lear" and find out. Why do you think we get presents on our birthday? I think it is because it is a special day for us and they want to be polite. That is what I think. If I had a dog I would find it quite fun. Even though I have a brother and 3 sisters it would be better to play with a dog. Why? Because my siblings can sometimes be annoying, mean, (a little boring) and maybe sneaky. I can play with a dog because a dog would not do that sort of stuff. I wonder why I am one of the only kids in the world who knows about Shakespeare. I think it is because I went to Shakespeare camp in the year of 2007. As soon as I got out of camp (also known as Cal Shakes Summer Camp) I knew a "holl cobutal" about Shakesepeare. That is why I think I'm one of the only kids in the world who knows about Shakespeare."

I love that kid's mind. His reflections remind me that he is always, constantly, forever, trying to figure things out, make sense of his life. He is the question kid -- and apparently, he's asking himself as many questions as he asks me!

Note: I corrected all of his spelling except the one part I couldn't decipher: "holl cobutal." I have no idea what he means to say there. And yes, he really did write "Nay, I know not!"

I wish we all had the time to write down our questions about life and speculate about their answers.


Edited at 7:30pm to add:

Maybe "holl cobutal" means "whole kaboodle"...

I've been thinking about this all day...


Kelly said…
I adore how he put 'a little boring' in parentheses.

This glimpse into your son's mind is entirely endearing. Love it.

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