I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Driving to school this morning, the clouds were impressive. Big, fluffy, infused with sunlight. Gorgeous. A perfect opportunity to distract the kids from harassing each other by getting them to play the tried and true Find Shapes in the Clouds game. I don't have much time to blog this morning; we are getting ready for our niece's wedding tomorrow, and of course, I've left it until the last minute to make sure that everyone has wedding attire clean and ready to go. But before I dash off to buy tights for the girls, here are some highlights to what we found in the clouds this morning:

Happy face

Pretty run of the mill stuff.

And then, they found a king. Who had two big eyes, and because of the way the rays of sunlight shot up above the "head," the king was actually wearing a crown. So he became the King of the Clouds. And then he became GOD. And then, my kids went bananas, because they decided that they are the first people in all of recorded time to SEE GOD. They were losing their minds, screaming and yelling and pointing. I was actually thinking they might start speaking in tongues. I had visions of the boys running into the schoolyard yelling: WE SAW GOD, WE SAW GOD! As if having five kids in the Bay Area doesn't make us freaks enough, we could also be branded as that crazy God Family. The school has a "Good News" segment of the daily morning assembly, and I think my kids were ready to stand up and announce to the entire student body that the search for God has ended, and the Alatorre Family has found him. Their enthusiasm had just enough manic joy in it to be a little scary.

But, never fear, all came right back down to earth when one of my sons decided that he saw something ELSE in one of the cloud shapes. A piece of poo.

Thus ended the religious fervor. My kids went from existential rapture to potty talk so fast I think I have whiplash. As much as I hate potty talk, on less than one cup of coffee, somehow the question, "Mom, do you see the poo?" was more welcome than "Mom, why is God's eyeball moving? Shouldn't it stay right where it is?"


VacaMom said…
I just started reading your blog and I have to say, I love it! This one had me LOL so much, I almost woke up my 3 month old. I'm a mom to 5 also, so it's great to see someone who understands :)

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