Thrift Store Valuables

When we got married, one of Rick's oldest and dearest friends gave us two beautiful, delicate glasses, perfect for drinking specialty drinks like Grand Marnier and the like. These lovely glasses, artfully hand-painted, were tiny, and very breakable. One did in fact break several years ago.

Well, these were really designed for two. They are the kind you use for special just-the-two-of-you dinners, for the dessert drink. For toasting a noisy life in a quiet space. For savoring together the life and kids you are taking a break from.

But you just can't do that with one beautiful glass.

In fact, just the other day, I was putting dishes away (I actually do that sometimes) and moved it aside to make room for some other wine glasses, and wondered to myself if that glass would ever be used again.

The other day, Lola answered that question.

A friend of ours was babysitting Lola and gave her some milk in the special glass for fun, which by the way, I can totally see myself doing too. Lovely little glass, lovely little girl...they go together. Of course, the lovely little breakable glass got knocked off the table, and broke.

But the story has a happy, wonderful ending! Feeling bad about the broken glass, our friend promptly took Lola to the local thrift shop. They found two simple glasses, much less fancy than the originals. A short while and one afternoon art project later, they had two adorable, puffy-painted wine glasses, complete with swirlies, polka dots, squiggles and stripes. They presented them to us when we got home.

We are again able to have that dinner for two, with fancy little glasses to enjoy drinks I never remember the names of. I did love those fancy ones, but these are better. Made with love, made by my daughter, their value is priceless.

Fabulous. Thank you, Debra.


fern said…
Oh, how sweet!!! What a good idea your friend had.

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