I Can't See the Forest...

...because a pack of wild monkeys keeps piling on top of me and shoving me further down into the leaves and muck and mud and loamy earth. 5 monkeys, to be exact.

I am utterly floundering here. My house is a disaster. There is no food in the house. The laundry is threatening to fall over on top of me or one of my offspring. I'm late with school paperwork, daycare paperwork, movie rentals. I am behind on my freelance work projects. I am behind on Garden Design business work. I cannot trust my own calendar, so I live in fear of whatever I am forgetting. I need to plan a 1st Communion shindig...in two days. I have to write a letter of recommendation for a colleague seeking a special award. I am helping produce the 2nd grade contribution to the annual auction in a week and a half. I have a sick child. I am potty training another child. We have baseball practices and soccer practice and games to coordinate. Birthday parties to attend. Mother's Day to acknowledge. A trip to New York to think about (fun and exciting, but YIKES: at this point, I'll be lucky if I manage to wear something besides sweats and a t-shirt to my brother's wedding!) I am exhausted. I am spent. I am done.

A friend of mine once suggested that I post my to-do list on my blog. This would mean I actually have to face my to-do list, and I just can't quite get there. It's never complete, it's always too long, and it's an insane document. I wouldn't want to air that particular piece of laundry...

Something's gotta give. And I don't really want it to be me. What do I cross off the list?


Momo Fali said…
I have no advice, but just wanted to make you feel better because I feel the same way and I only have two kids!
Erika said…
I'm so sorry- send some of your monkeys down to our jungle sometime so you can breathe! We've got a great soccer goal set up.
Your blog name is genius. Genius.

I think you and I should start a blog club composed of blogs with poker-related names.
GabrieleBriggs said…
Take a deep breath and don't worry!There is only so much of you. Whatever gets done gets done and what doesn't isn't meant to be. The world won't come to an end even if you show up to your brother's wedding in sweats and t-shirt! ;-)

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