16 March 2010

Don't Be a Butt

The other day, my son noticed a sign posted near a flower box: Please, no cigarette butts.

In one of those beautiful and telling misinterpretations of childhood, he took this to mean: No idiots who smoke may be near these pretty flowers. We had a great laugh over that and decided his take on it was much more accurate -- and entertaining -- than the intended meaning.

We turned a corner and about 20 feet in front of us stood a guy taking a smoking break from a nearby restaurant. "Look mom, it's a Cigarette Butt!"

So fun. I think he's brilliant.

* * *


Viv said...

That is brilliant. What a good kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Sturm and drang? I had to look it up. I am s-o-o-o impressed. And OMG, I think you're pretty, too. Mom

Nishant said...
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