A Tale of Two Willies

OK, so the answer to the question I posed in my morning post is that I wallowed and sniffled most of the day.  But my kitchen and living room are both clean, so the day is not a total loss.  I guess.

In my defense, I have a nasty cold today, so every time I tried to lift my self off of my pillow, I was soundly smacked back down by the pounding in my head.

While I was neither productive nor efficient, I survived, so that's a good thing.

And two Willies got me through the day.  I share those with you here.

The First Willie
My husband, in response to our FEMA level surroundings and our sound-barrier-breaking children, asked me today if we will ever have a clean, peaceful, comfortable home.  Today was his turn; sometimes it's me asking him.  But today it was his turn to ask me, and I gave him the usual unsatisfactory answer:   Yes.  Really.  I'm nearly certain.  Yes, we will.  I think.  Yeah.  Sure.

Then, tonight, the better answer hit me, a la Willie Shakes:

If these children have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended.
That you have but slumbered here,
While these tyrants did appear...

That gave me a smile that got me through washing the dishes.

Most of the day, however, I was lifted and carried by Bill (The Second Willie) Cosby.  So I close out this weekend with a clip from his 80's stand up show Himself.   I watched nearly the entire show today, and laughed myself silly, while the house went to hell in a hand basket all around me.  Enjoy!

Take heart, parents near and far: school starts soon!  (How quickly one forgets the homeschooling life...)

* * *


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