An Old-Fashioned Family Fourth of July

Grandma Lola, behold your gift in all its glory:

Is she ready for July Fourth, or what? She definitely was the best dressed kid in the family. The others were lucky to have matching socks. Oh, and Tallulah wore her finest shade of flushed red, as she spent the day with a fever, so home with Rick away from the festivities.

The rest of us went to a Fourth of July Festival, home for quick burgers, and back out for fireworks. Sounds lovely, yes? Well, it was about as lovely as overly heightened family events tend to be. Too much sugar, too many people, too much stimulation, culminating in too many tears and too many tired children. Oh, and my personal favorite, too much yelling from mommy.

It was fabulous. Can't wait till next year.

But the well dressed kid up there? Truly lovely, so thank you, Grandma Lola!

* * *


AGGrannie said…
Lola looks as pretty and patriotic as I knew she would. This is one proud Grandma Lola talking!

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